Just NavBars

Just NavBars 4.02

Stylish, professional navbars in a snap

Tired of text links for your navigation system? Even worse, aren't you tired of having to load up that fancy paint program to make changes to your graphical nav bar only to forget you have to go into your HTML image mapper to start the layout process over for designating where the hotspot links should be?

With Just NavBars you can now easily create customizable graphical nav bars for your site! You layout the captions you want to use, specify the colors, fill style and simply generate! It will create either static HTML image maps or generate the JavaScript mouseover scripts to bring your navbar to life!

Build horizontal or vertical navbars with popup menus for additional items! Click this samples page link to see several examples of what you can do for you site! The new user interface makes it easier than ever to create just the navbar you need to guide your customers through your site. Create navbars that look like steel tubes. Create them on your own or let the Tube Wizard assist you. You pick the first color, the wizard picks the best match!

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